for SSAATTBB a cappella.  Duration approx. 3’30”

Program Notes:

In the Academy Award winning movie “Life of Pi”, the title character Pi Patel makes the statement, “None of us knows God until someone introduces us.” In December 2012, I had the privilege of spending the New Year with my family in Southern California to watch my brother perform with the UW-Madison Marching Band at the Rose Bowl. While we were there, we took a drive from Los Angeles down to San Diego, taking the coastal highway. On that breathtaking journey, I was very spiritually moved, and reflecting on this text while watching the incredible imagery just outside the window, I imagined how someone might react when first being introduced to this text, especially if they had never been introduced to God before. The repetition of text to reflect understanding, the transition from one powerful chain of timeless words to the next, and the breadth of emotions expressed in the entire core of the Christian faith in six short lines are the foundation of this piece.   

The translation is as follows:

Adoramus te Christe,                                 We adore you, O Christ,
et benedicimus tibi:                                     and we bless you:
quia per sanctam crucem                           because your holy cross
et passionem tuam,                                     and Passion
redemisti mundum.                                    redeemed the world.
Domine, miserere nobis.                            O Lord, have mercy on us.


Chant Claire Chamber Choir, Benjamin Bedroske, conductor. April 18, 2015

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