Written with my dear friend Robin West, I was seeking to add a genderless affirmation song to my Cheaper than Therapy cabaret. I kept coming back to the idea of “Right now, it’s raining, but you’re gonna be okay”, and Robin absolutely ran with that in the most beautiful fashion.

When all that you are is halfway to the next halfway
And when all that you know breaks down
In the face of the storm that you’ve made
Take a breath
Meet yourself at the crossroads
You don’t have to understand how
And right now – it’s raining
But you’re gonna be okay.

Price: $9.99
Bm (Original Key)  Am (alto)  Dm (tenor)  Cm (baritone)

Vocal ranges:
Bm (original) A3-E5
Am (alto) – G3-D5
Dm (tenor) – C3-G4
Cm (baritone) – Bb3-F4

Other keys available upon request. Visit the contact page for more information.