for two 5-octave marimbas.  Duration: approx. 8’30”

Program Notes:

The first of two pieces inspired by my June 2013 Europe trip, Elusion began in the Starbucks in the C Gate Concourse in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. After spending the past fifteen days canvassing Germany, Austria, and Northern Italy in a Ford station wagon with eight suitcases, four “personal items”, and my wonderful family of five, I was naturally anxious to get some “me” time when we got back on American soil. I sat in Starbucks for about an hour, knowing I wanted to write a marimba duet, and thinking about how many millions of things go on at an airport, most of them completely undetected by the human eye. The best forms of elusion are done right under the nose of the person, place, or thing one is avoiding (as indicated by any good James Bond film). Disappearing within a crowd of people, creating something amid chaos, and discovering your voice in a coffee shop in the middle of an airport shape the framework of Elusion. Create your own adventure.

Elliott Rittenberry and Joe Hujet, marimba. November 10, 2013.

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