for brass quintet.  Duration: approx. 5’30”

Program Notes:

In the spring of 2013, I was asked by my brother, Dan, to write a piece for the brass quintet he played in at UW-Madison. As the piece framed itself into an overture style, I needed a title. After watching the film, “Silver Linings Playbook”, I became fascinated with the word “Excelsior”, especially since it was the state motto of New York. A simple Google search* of the definition left me with “fine curled wood shavings used especially for packing fragile items.” I found myself laughing for two reasons: 1) The state of New York’s motto is equivalent to packing peanuts or bubble wrap, and 2) the word has great implications but is truly a misnomer. Therefore, with the piece being an overture to nothing in particular but sounding important, the title stuck.

*Another search gave me the true meaning, which is “always higher”. It’s funny how Google can be deceptive.

University of Wisconsin – Madison’s Badger Brass Quintet. December 3, 2013.

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