for Baroque quartet (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass instruments)

Commissioned by the Bach and Beethoven Experience for their inauguaral Chicago Stories 2017.
Program Notes:
In 2017, I was gifted the most unique and beautiful opportunity to write for the Bach and Beethoven Experience, an ensemble of Baroque instrumentalists in the city who were doing a commissioning series based on Chicago stories. After discussions with executive directors Brandi Berry Benson and Thomas Aláan, I decided that I wanted to tell the stories of females in leadership positions in the city, especially women working to serve and uplift marginalized communities.

The Chicago Stories project was such a unique opportunity for me to really explore and understand “impact”. The brilliant and inspirational women I interviewed work tirelessly to make the lives better of the people in their communities – people who are more often than not at the mercy of a political game. Throughout the history of music, women have had to work inside the institutions established by white men in power.

However, just like these women I interviewed, beauty in the face of adversity is created, leaving an impact for future generations, hence where Reach was born.

I created a classic quartet in ABA form with a chaconne B section. Also, the melodic material was derived from two solo violin pieces by Bach, although reharmonized and distorted with a 21st century lens. The repeating sixteenth notes, often in a rising motion, depict the ambition and drive for these women to continue succeeding and climbing toward their goals. However, an implied glass ceiling keeps them from fully reaching their potential.