solo piano suite. Duration: approx. 11’30”
(currently in revision – score coming soon)

Program Notes:

Monomyth – The Hero’s Journey is based off of Joseph Campbell’s concept of the Monomyth, in which every story you hear in and of itself is the same core story: the details have just been changed. This concept has always fascinated me due to my extreme love for films, and it was the chance for me to create a full-length musical story that people could follow like a movie. The piece is written in three continuous movements. In Departure, the day begins, and our Hero is tempted by some outside force or danger. This causes him to leave the comfort and peace of his current world to face whatever peril lies ahead of him in hopes to eventually return to some form of peace. In Initiation, the Hero is challenged in battle in every possible way. He is tried physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as shown in the mixed rhythms of the piano part. He is beaten down, exhausted, and seems completely defeated by the end. In Return, he is able to muster up the rest of his courage and strength to do battle once again. The ending is to be interpreted solely by the performer and listener, as none of us return from our battles the same as when we began. I would like to dedicate this piece to my parents for embracing my love for cinematic and theatrical adventures. For advanced pianists.